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This wikia is dedicated to exchanging information about Macloids and sharing the passion of the works produced. We try to appeal to all synthesizer fans, both old and new, and we do not discriminate against any Macloids because of its language, design, or even its voice. We acknowledge that not everyone shares the same taste and that the reasons for liking Macloids are varied. Please help us expand our knowledge on Macloids and share that information with other Macloid fans. Everyone is welcomed to edit freely; all we ask is that you refrain from non-productive edits and acts of vandalism, and that you be nice to other editors so this Wikia can maintain a safe, friendly working environment for all.View about wiki

What are Macloids?

Macloids are fanmade characters based on the concept of Macne Series, a series of voice synthesizers initially developed for the Macintosh operating system.

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Makune Hachi was the very first Macloid created in 2009.

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