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iMacne Ruu
Imacne ruu 2021
Biographical information
Sex Male
Age Adult
Height 4ft 7in (143cm)
Weight 90lbs (41kg)
Voice caesarccedar
Illustrator caesarccedar
Technical information
Group iMacne Family
Release June 6th, 2020
Status Active
Language Japanese, English
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iMacne Ruu (iMac音ルー Aimakune Ruu?) is a Macloid developed and voiced by caesarccedar. 


A loner, Ruu doesn't tend to talk to others. He's considered very quiet and even avoidant of other people, going out of his way to avoid any long and boring conversations if possible. He often attends the Macne Café to drink coffee, study, or nap.

Despite his voice and mannerisms, Ruu is often mistaken for a youth due to his short stature.

Ruu is based off of the iMac G3 desktop computer. His appends are named after its colors.


Ruu's name is based off of the iMac G3 desktop computer, as well as the general naming theme for the Macne Family (using ne (音) followed by a repeated character, such as Macne Coco or Macne Nana.) It can also be read as iMacne Ruru or iMacne Lulu. (iMac音ルル)


Ruu wears a formal uniform and sports a side satchel that appears similar to the iMac's puck mouse. His vest has a cyan sailor's flap attached to it, and in the center of his back is a translucent handle. His outdated appearance is mostly white and sleek with a translucent cyan cropped winter jacket.


iMacne Ruu has a brother, iMacne Sano (iMac音さの), a father, iMacne Dara (iMac音ダラ), and a mother, iMacne Mimi (iMac音ミミ). He has a bitter and complicated relationship with MAQne Nemu (MAQ音ネム), who is owned by Tofumoshi.

Music Featuring iMacne Ruu[]


  • "impasse" by Stiletto Bastard (ghiacciohours) (No Longer Available.)
  • "fond machine" by Stiletto Bastard (ghiacciohours) (No Longer Available.)


Additional Information[]


  • Despite naming and/or appearance similarities, Ruu is not related to the Macne family whatsoever and is considered a parody property.
  • Ruu has a magical boy form similar to Macne Nana Petit's Whisper☆Angel Sasayaki dubbed "Fairy✧Sage Mugonne". He never has full recollection of this appearance and considers it to be a "reoccuring dream".
    • Similar to Whisper☆Angel Sasayaki, Ruu's magical boy form Fairy✧Sage Mugonne appears physically different from his original appearance. He is much taller and looks to be more of his actual age.
  • Ruu is a kuudere, appearing cold and cynical, but secretly being easily flustered by those he loves.
  • Ruu and MAQne Nemu have a bitter relationship, picking on one another if they happen to be in the same space.

External Links[]

  • iMac音ルー_snow (VCV+CVVC and Ganga) v1.00 Voicebank Download: MEGA
  • iMac音ルー_bondi (CVVC Ganga) v1.00 Voicebank DownloadMediaFire
    • NOTE: This voicebank is outdated and is currently being replaced with his _snow VCV.
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